Engaging the Student Brain (K–12)

Learning is all about engagement. If you want to help students in today's world then you need to begin with their brains.

The purpose of engagement is to reduce boredom, increase understanding, promote learning, boost motivation and increase self-control. Lessons that are engaging means opportunities for movement, social interaction and creativity which will keep students on task and reduce inappropriate behaviours. Teachers need an extensive tool box full of user friendly, fun engaging strategies that appeal to a wide ability of learners. These strategies take no time to prepare and can be used at a moment's notice. 

Are you aware that:

  • Brain states are the key to learning

  • Reading and managing brain states is the teacher's number one job

  • Movement profoundly impacts student success

  • Continual engagement means continual involvement

  • The better the states, the better the results

  • There is a need to stop telling kids to ‘Pay Attention’. Teach them how to do it

This professional development workshop models relevant and practical instructional strategies to meet the challenges of today's mixed ability classrooms. Over 40,000 teachers have attended this Brain-based learning professional development workshop. This workshop is always role-modeled so that participants can see and experience exactly how Brain-Based learning strategies can be used in the classroom to boost student success.

Nothing worse than exposing busy, stressed-out teachers to another time wasting day of Pro-D. Instead, experience a new paradigm in education. See Gary's extensive client list of schools and school districts.

Good teaching drives student achievement.