Workshop / Keynote: Your Brain on the Job

What is the most valuable thing that you own? It's your brain!

Your hunter gatherer brain is the center of everything you do. But, it is not made for this culture. We are forcing our brains to do things they were not meant to do. The results are decision fatigue, brain fog, forgotten appointments, lost keys, sleep deprivation, sickness, absenteeism and other challenges. Your future success--individually and collectively--depends upon having a brain that you can rely on today and tomorrow. Your Brain On The Job has been a keynote at Safety Conferences in 7 Canadian Provinces. 

  • How decision fatigue slowly destroys us over time

  • How to maintain the strength and vitality of your brain on the job

  • Why multitasking is an extreme sport wearing your precious brain out, and what you can do about it

  • Why on-going education and training are critical for success to improve safety records

  • How to use your brain better to increase productivity and ensure success

  • Safety on the job requires employees and management to have an up-shifted brain every day

  • Simple, easy, practical and cost-free survival strategies you can use right away

Knowing the critical requirements for expanding your personal brain and preserving your collective brain is vital in today's world! It will help to keep you and your colleagues running on all cylinders. If your staff and colleagues are not aware of the latest brain research, they could be years behind in their professional development.

No brain, no gain!

Here's some audience feedback about this workshop:

Courtesy:  Planners Plus Inc.

Courtesy: Planners Plus Inc.