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Gary is a pioneer in Brain Health and Wellness. As a brain coach since 1997, he has presented over 1100 keynotes and workshops to people in all walks of life nationally and internationally.  

He is a dynamic, high-quality public educator famous for his enjoyable, energetic and lively sessions, not the usual ‘stand and deliver, dull as dish water’, presenter. He is a master of engagement for audiences big or small and of any age. Humour and optimism are key features of every presentation. 

As a special education teacher, author and Brain-Based Learning Facilitator, Gary has over 32 years of classroom experience. He has presented Professional Development workshops to over 40,000 teachers, support staff, plus many more students and parents in Canada and abroad. For over 20 years he has advocated and demonstrated brain-based teaching and learning strategies as a revolutionary approach to the challenges in education today.  

Gary provides public workshops and keynotes in the new emerging field of Applied Educational Neuroscience. He teaches practical, and meaningful information that can be used immediately in any work or life situation. His ultimate goal is always to help participants to understand HOW to care for their brain through out one’s lifetime. 

With a huge passion for learning, his presentations range from the elementary classroom to the Provincial and National conference keynote level. Each of his sessions have been called both personally and professionally life changing. Everyone owns a brain. If you are looking for a practical motivational speaker, contact him at: ganaka@telus.net

Enjoy your brain,

Gary Anaka

Brain Coach.


PS: I look forward to visiting your community, school, or business in the near future. 

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Nanaimo, BC

Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm
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Gary Anaka

Gary Anaka

"Your brain is the most valuable thing you own!"

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