Special Brains – Special Needs

Education is all about progressive change.

What forces detract from the brain's ability to learn? Today's brains are different. Schools are full of students with disorders such as ADD, ADHD, oppositional disorders, learning delays, brain injuries, nutritional deficiencies, dyslexia, sleep disorders, substance abuse, learned helplessness, etc. Gain some practical skills and strategies to help these challenging, borderline students succeed. 


  • How to demystify attention-deficit disorders so students can self-regulate and teachers can cut stress
  • How learned helplessness can be overcome by learned optimism
  • How to unstick the oppositional brain and eliminate classroom battles
  • How to motivate learning in a brain compatible environment. Real solutions for real kids.
  • How to encourage students to be active participants in the process of learning

"If a teacher keeps using the same strategies over and over and the student keeps failing, who is the slow learner?." (Eric Jensen)

All teachers need to become special education teachers.