Differentiated Instruction Strategies

Professional Development for Educators of all levels

Discover how to effectively differentiate your teaching strategies to meet the needs of all students in today's mixed ability classrooms. Experience positive, practical strategies that move away from traditional paper and pencil approaches offering student's multiple options for learning. These strategies take little time, no effort to prepare and can be used at a moment's notice. They are battle-tested in real classrooms with real students of all ages and all ability levels. 


  • Effective teachers have an ever expanding toolbox of engagement strategies
  • Achievement increases while inappropriate behaviour issues are reduced
  • Motivation is boosted and boredom is eliminated
  • Students enjoy learning more and have more fun

Capitivating, including and actively involving all students in the process of learning requires fresh new teaching strategies. Brain-based learning makes it easier for kids to learn and teachers to teach.

Great teaching drives academic success.