Workshop: Brain Wellness for Care-givers

How can you care for others if you don't have a brain to take care of yourself?

Are you experiencing brain fatigue? Decision fatigue? Do you always feel overwhelmed? Sleep deprivation? If so, you may be experiencing accelerated brain aging. Your brain may be burning out early. Recent brain research has practical and meaningful support for everyone. 


  • Nutritional secrets that can keep your brain working at top performance levels
  • How stress soaks your brain with stress chemicals like cortisol destroying your memory, dumbing you down and, how you can avoid it
  • 20 brain compatible life style choices that really make a difference and support you to move on with your life
  • Prevention is the key to becoming your own brain coach and enjoying quality of life as you age
  • That without a healthy brain you cannot manifest your purpose in life

As you age, your brain can grow and expand or shrink and decay. The choice is yours. Learn the secrets of brain wellness so that you can support others. This workshop is filled with hope and optimism for your future and the future of those you are caring for.

Learn how to use it before you lose it.