Growing the Child's Brain

Growing the Child’s Brain, from "The Brain Coach Guides" series, is a meaningful and practical resource book for anyone raising small children. Author Gary Anaka is a professional resource teacher specializing in brain-based learning engagement strategies. “My experience is that parents, who are not familiar with brain compatible practices for raising brain-smart children simply do not know what to do.” This book is written in easy to read, everyday language. Discover powerful strategies such as why children must move, how to grow fantastic connections in the child’s brain, how to feed the brain, why free play is absolutely essential plus an overview of the problems of electronics and the media. Early childhood is the most all-important time for maximizing the child’s brain potential. Wise parenting can support critical life-long learning. Growing the Child’s Brain offers something for every parent who wants the best for his or her child.

Growing the Child's Brain can be downloaded on iBooks, and is eligible for Apple Volume Purchase Plan where available.

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