Your Magical Brain: How it Learns Best

In 1997, I upgraded my teaching strategies and have never looked back. Teaching with Brain-based Learning principles changed my life as a professional educator and a human being. In the classroom I learned how to teach with the brain in mind. I found out how to engage students and motivate them to learn in a totally new way. The students enjoyed this new approach of learning and I was amazed to find out that more and more students were interested in their own brains and how they worked regardless of what the subject or grade was. I found that I had fewer discipline problems and students were motivated more than ever before.

It was obvious to me that brain research could not be ignored. Unfortunately, few teachers have the opportunity for training in Brain-Based Learning. What I saw then, was a great need for a simple, practical resource book about how the brain learns. Hence, my first book, Your Magical Brain How It Learns Best was created for new and veteran teachers, plus interested parents. Our second edition was published in 2012.