Workshop: Brain Wellness — The Secrets for Longevity!

Reducing your risks of getting Alzheimer's Disease

A wave of dementia sweeps the country. The Alzheimer's League now states that over 747,000 Canadians (2013) suffer with dementia. The only therapy is prevention. There are no magic pills! Do you have a brain maintenance program? What are your prevention strategies? Learn how to use it before you lose it!


  • Best foods and vitamins for maintaining brain health
  • Life style choices that help your brain stay young and sharp
  • How to keep brain inflammation out of your brain so it can go the distance
  • Plasticity - your future depends upon how your brain changes everyday
  • Neurogenesis - how to literally grow new brain cells everyday

Brain degeneration is not inevitable because the brain has amazing powers of regeneration. Gain the secrets of brain longevity to give you workable strategies for maintaining your quality of life. This energetic and lively session is filled with hope and optimism for your future. This workshop is transformational in nature not just information.

Preventing mental decline is easier than reversing it.

Here's some feedback from a recent audience:

 Courtesy:  Planners Plus Inc.

Courtesy: Planners Plus Inc.