Brain Wellness: The Secret of Longevity

Health has been a strong focal point in my life. The health of the brain is as important as the health of one’s body. Brain challenges at home or in the workplace today are a huge, unaddressed, misunderstood and feared problem. Stress kills brain cells. Stress downshifts your brain making it hard to cope with your job and the many demands of your life. A burned-out brain is no joke, especially if that brain is your child’s teacher, your work colleague, or a member of your family. I believe that there is an enormous need to educate the public about their brain to avoid the wave of dementia that is presently sweeping the country. In 2014, the Alzheimer Society of Canada stated that already over 747,000 Canadian families are living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

Most books written about the brain are long, technical, and unappealing to the general public. I saw a need to decode what the neuroscientists were saying and make it available for everyone.  As a result, Brain Wellness: The Secrets For Longevity was published. It is a simple and practical self-help guidebook about how anyone can learn to live and work in a brain-compatible way. The intent of my book is to teach you how to be your own brain coach. To avoid cognitive decline, you need to know how to grow dendrites, engage the brain, and keep plasticity alive. You are responsible for your brain health.

No Brain, No Gain!