Beating Brain Stress

Not as sharp as you used to be? How is your career going? Are you engaged with life or just surviving?

Excess stress kills brain cells! Stress impairs your ability to concentrate. When we are stressed out we are like gerbils on a wheel - using up tons of energy and going nowhere. Learn fun, simple and practical solutions to deal with brain overload before it is too late! 


  • Basic brain survival techniques to move ahead with your life, not just fade out
  • How to eat super foods that boost your mitochondria and supply you with energy
  • How to reduce technology induced exhaustion
  • How to keep excess cortisol out of your brain
  • How to play cost-free, simple games to combat the assault on your brain

In today's world, your ability to perform is exceeded by the demands that you must meet. Chronic stress over decades is a major cause of age related memory loss, mental decline, senility and brain diseases. It promotes inflammation destroying your neurons. Your future depends on what you do in the present.

No brain, no gain!

This workshop has the goal of super charging your own brain health, your family's health and the success of your business.